Wednesday, February 07, 2007

iPod Car Kit Direct launch heavy Discounting on Dension iPod Car Conversion Kits

The leading online retailer of Apple iPod Car Conversion Kits, iPod Car Kit Direct, has launched a major discounting campaign cutting prices even further on the heavily discounted pricing currently offered.

With up to 7% off their already discounted online prices for a range of popular marques, including Ferrari, BMW, Audi, Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin and the flagship Dension iceLink Plus with full technical support and an excellent technical and after-sales servie, now is an ideal time to bring your iPod into your car and seamlessly integrate the 21st Century gadget's audio and video library to your driving experience.

For a full list of vehicles that can be supplied - click here

If you do order, let them know you saw them here !

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

In-Car Review - New & Improved !

With reviews on the latest on in-car entertainment, navigation and technical toys for you to add to your driving experience you can look forward to a regular update on the latest must have's on the market.

If you have any technical questions or have a product you'd like us to take a look at for review drop us an email

Today we're taking a quick look at the BMW iPod Car Kits and we've road tested two for you.

The Dension ice Link Plus iPod Car Kit for BMW is your top of the range conversion kit, and comes complete with a video output as well. You can connect your iPod direct to your factory fitted BMW entertainment system and have the iPod charged up at the same time.

Controlling the iPod is simple as Dension's ice Link iPod Car Kit allows for full connection to the steering wheel controls, so you just play with it as you would normally.

For full control of both your audio and video library through your iPod this is our choice.

Best Buy: £99.97

The second iPod car kit that we reviewed is the slightly cheaper BMW Connects2 iPod Car Adapter - this does not allow control over your video library and personally I felt it looked quite clunky in the car when compared to the Dension ice Link.

Aside from that it performed exactly the same without the need for all those trailing leads heading into the cigarette lighter but for £10 more, I'd go for the Dension ice Link.

Best Buy: £89.97

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dension Gateway Multiple Devices - Models Explained

Yes! The Gateway 300, 400, 500 models are finally in the UK, see post below for order and FREE Delivery info at iPod Car Kit Direct! They tell me they are in Stock and are flying out of the warehouse so be quick and get yours in time for Christmas 2006.

So what is the Dension Gateway and what is the difference between the Gateway 300, 400, 500?

The Dension Gateway is in simple terms a Multiple Device Adapter allowing you to connect, control & charge your devices to your factory fitted car radios.

Dension Gateway 300: Direct Integration of AUX (Auxiliary), USB

Dension Gateway 400: Direct Integration of iPod, AUX, USB & OEM CD Changer (factory fitted CD Changer)

Dension Gateway 500: Direct Integration of D2B & MOST, Fibre Optic Audio systems.

Compare them all here

Dension Gateway Systems in Stock - NOW !!

It's true people,

The Dension Ice>Link Gateway Systems are now in stock - we currently have stock of the Dension Gateway 300 and Dension Gateway 400.

So you can now integrate your iPod into your vehicle even easier!

Check out the details of the Gateway Systems now to see the full details of compatability....

Gateway 500 Systems are expected very very soon!

If your interested in a Gateway system and your vehicle isn't listed then please contact us HERE and as soon as we have further details we'll contact you directly!

Get yours quick as these systems are in HUGE demand - get yours while stocks last!

Have you got yours yet - let other know what you think about it HERE.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Car Audio Plus New Design... any thoughts?

Check out the new design at Car Audio Plus the UK's hottest Car Audio, In-Car Entertainment & In-Car Technology Superstore and post your comments how this looks and what needs improving.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Are iPod FM Transmitters illegal to use in the UK?

Gadgets which play music held on iPods over FM radios are set to become legal in the UK sometime December 06. Does this mean they are as good a quality and as safe as the Dension iPod Car Kits? Read on...

Devices such as the iTrip plug into MP3 players and connect them wirelessly to radios in cars and homes. Despite being illegal in the UK and Europe the gadgets have become extremely popular because the majority of car stereos do not have the means to connect iPods or other MP3 players.

The problem here is that people simply are not aware of the Dension iPod Car Kit that enables full connectivity of your iPod with your factory fitted or aftermarket car radio ultimately providing you with a 100% compatible, high quality perfoming in-car portable audio product solution. The Dension iPod car kit seamlessly connects to your exisintg audio system, are accessible and discreet and are full controllable via your radio and steering wheel controls where fitted.

Here is a typical post on a UK forum:

"What!? What's the problem with them!? What are your other options to listen to your MP3 Player in your car? Casette adapter?"

"I have an itrip. I don't use it.......... because.

- It's a pain to set a frequency
- The audio quality is crap
- It's difficult to find a clean area of radio spectrum
- You have to change the radio frequency every time you use it, probably because the thing forgets the last frequency you set it as.
- The frequency you set it to NEVER lines up to the one on the radio; so you have to search for it, which takes forever.
- If you move more than 10 miles, some station gets in the way and you get even worse sound.
- When the ipod plays the "tuning track", and if you have it set to continuous and random play, it moves on to the next "tuning song" immediately, which screws the itrip up as it begins the retuning process again.
- That means you have to have a new playlist so the "tuning track" can sit on it's own. If you don't know which frequency you will need that is a VERY big pain.
- It's pretty much pointless on long journeys as you have to go through the pain of the above problems AGAIN to tune it back in; which is impossible while driving.
- You have to make sure that the itrip songs can't come up whilst playing random songs or it will reprogram it again. That means you can't have random on "All tracks". You have to make a playlist with everything BUT the itrip tracks.

Maybe they have a new model and tuning system by now or something; but the one I had was sooooooo useless I can't ever recommend the thing for anyone EVER.
You are better off just investing in a new car stereo with some line-in jacks and MP3CD functions (you can get one of those for the price of two itrip type devices). If you just want something for short journeys (it's useless on long ones remember) then just use your headphones or burn off a CD."

Read the full post here:

Ofcom, the communications regulator, today outlined plans to legalise the use of iTrips and other "low power FM transmitters" in response to growing consumer demand.

It will consult on the issue until September, after which the devices are expected to become legal by the end of this year.

Simon Muys, a telecoms lawyer at London firm Olswang, said legalising the gadgets was a logical solution to a problem that has been irritating Ofcom since their introduction into the UK around two years ago.

The gadgets use the FM broadcast spectrum which is regulated by Ofcom. Under current rules, all users need a licence or an exemption from the regulator to broadcast on FM but this has proven impossible to enforce.

Mr Muys said Ofcom has recognised that with so many of these products in the market the most practical solution is to introduce an exemption.

Is the FM Transmitter the only option for In-Car iPods?

But there is a better, higher quality solution to this problem even when the ban is lifted. Dension iPod Car Kits produce high quality sound performance through your cars existing audio system be it an Alfa Romeo or VW. They integrate fully with your factory fitted car radio and provide you with full control via your radio or steering wheel controls (where fitted).

iPod Car Kit for Factory Fitted Car Radios (Alfa Romeo to VW)

iPod Car Kit for Aftermarket Car Radios (Alpine to Sony)

Universal FM Modulator iPod Car Kit (for car radios with no CD Changer or AUX socket)

The FM Modulator Dension iPod Car Kit is NOT an FM Transmitter and works differently by connecting inline with your aerial connection. These are fully legal and produce far superior quality to the FM Transmitters.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dension Honda ice>Link Plus Back in stock - October 2006!

Good news guys, i've just had confirmation from Dension that the Honda ice>Link Plus will be back in the UK and in stock at iPod Car Kit Direct, early October 2006.

Grab yours quick before the Christmas rush!

Go to iPod Car Kit Direct now!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Aftermarket or Factory Fit Audio Products?

Many customers are confused whether to go for Aftermarket or Factory Fit when selecting in-car products and gadgets! Factory Fit is also known as Factory Fitted, Factory Upgrades or OE which stands for Original Equipment.

Its an important point that must be established before you choose to source your in-car iPod car kit or add-on gadget, on or offline. We hear many stories of car dealers, car dealerships and car audio retailers on and offline that simply give out shocking advice on this subject just to get a quick sale.

Beware of bad advice…

The result = They will sell you a cheap AUX iPod Car Kit or cheap product hoping that you’ll never find out that there is a far better product out there for Aftermarket and Factory Fitted car radios. Read on and i’ll explain more…

In simple terms Aftermarket means products manufacturered as a retail product for sale in shops, online, etc. These are branded producs that are universal in design and can be fitted in any car. For example a Sony CD Player can be fitted in any car using the correct additional installation accessories made by Autoleads or Connects2.

Factory Fit:
Factory fit on the other hand are vehicle specific and will only work with the make and model of car they were designed to work with. So for example the Audi Concert radio has specific software and technology that make this unique to Audi and very different to a Ford 5000 radio for example. The term Factory Fit covers all car manufacturers from Alfa Romeo to VW and all in between.

Example using an iPod Car Kit:
As an iPod Car Kit basically acts like a CD Changer in that when the iPod Car Kit is connected to the radio, the radio plays the iPod just as if it had a CD Changer fitted, controllable from the radio or steering wheel controls (if fitted).

So imagine trying to fit a Ford iPod car kit to an Audi car radio, it simply would not work. With Factory Fit we have to use Audi products and software with Audi electronics. Also they be car model specific as well so you can’t just connect a 1998 3 series BMW iPod car kit into a 2003 Z3 BMW, as again the connections and software used in the radios are different.

The high quality and performance iPod Car Kits like the Dension ice>Link Plus connect into the CD Changer port/socket at the rear of the car radio and this is where these outshine the AUX iPod Car Kits by far! Why?

New Technology:
Simple, because they use the latest technology software specific to your car make and model and car radio fitted, undergo rigourous tests to ensure compatability, quality, performance and basically to ensure they are futureproof meaning they can be updated as technology grows.

If you ever get offered an AUX iPod car kit as i’m sure you will, think carefully as your motoring may be seriously affected, with such a dull and limited product in functionality, quality and performance.

Why? well because AUX iPod car kits are good for when you have no other options and have to use your AUX sockets on your radio. When using the AUX kit you control the iPod from the iPod and not your car radio or steering wheel controls and on top of this you have to sit your iPod somewhere, generally in your glovebox. I think you can see the problem here, how do you then select your song, tunes or audios if its hidden in your glovebox? Good Question, not very easily.

Dension Quality:
The Dension range of products offer many things that the cheap and nasty AUX iPod car kits flying around could ever offer. At this point i have to point out that Dension make an AUX iPod car kit and this is a solid, robust, quality product IF your only option is the AUX option.

Also please note that the new ice>Link Lite product are AUX but these are for brand new cars that use the CAN-BUS wiring system, this is completely different from the conventional wiring system used on the cars we are discussing above. The CAN-BUS system is still relatively new and used only on 2005/2006 vehicles generally and only on specific models. I’ll detail more on this in a future post…

But in 99.9% of cases you can go for the Dension ice>Link Plus, Dension FM Modulator (ideal if your car radio does not have a CD Changer socket) or the ice>Link lite (if your car uses the latest CAN-BUS wiring systems), and don’t forget the imminent release of the multiple device adapter, the Dension Gateway 300, 400 & 500.

The Dension iPod car kits come in 2 designs covering all options, the Cradle mounting option that is like a mobile phone car kit, robust discreet, easily accessible and the dock cable for a more discreet mounting location in any hidden location.

To sum up:
If your brain is ready for popping at this point go to iPod Car Kit Direct as the data is the best anywhere in the UK on or offline with regards aftermarket or factory fit? These guys work with the Dension and Connects2 brands of iPod Car Kit all day, everyday and can help to answer any questions. A simple email or phone call to 0845 430 3355 and you will be offered the best advice on the planet! Check it out now: iPod Car Kit Direct

CD & MP3 Changers:
Looking for Aftermarket CD or MP3 Changers?

Looking for Factory Fit CD Changers?

Sony NW-HD Portable MP3 Player Car Kit

Some good news for the Sony NW-HD Portable MP3 fans out there, as i've just had word from Connects2 that their Sony NW-HD Car Kits have been fully updated to work with all of the Sony NW-HD series of portable MP3 players including: Sony NW-HD1, NW-HD3, NW-HD5, NW-A3000, NW-A1200, MD WALKMAN

Sony NW-HD Car Kit overview:

Thanks to Connects2 you can now enjoy listening to the digital music stored on your Sony HDD WALKMAN or MD WALKMAN through your Sony Aftermarket or Factory Fitted Car Radio!

To find out what the difference between Aftermarket and Factory Fit is, see the blog above this one:

This specially developed audio adapter & car kit is compatible with the Sony NW-HD1, NW-HD3, NW-HD5, NW-A3000, NW-A1200 MD WALKMAN and selected Sony Aftermarket . Connecting via push fit to the supplied Connects2 CD Changer Adapter and then seamlessly to your Factory or Aftermarket Radios CD changer socket enabling you to control your Sony NW-HD Walkman through your car radio.

Key Features:

> Converts Sony HDD WALKMAN to a virtual CD changer
> Song information displayed on the HDD WALKMAN screen
> Direct Control of your NW-HD (if radio supports)
> Extensively tested to ensure 100% compatibility
> Seamless integration for easy installation
> Retains the functionality of your radio steering wheel controls (where fitted)
> Prevents Theft: NW-HD can be docked and undocked from the cradle/dock cable in seconds

Find out more about the Sony NW-HD Car Kit